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                健康管理 繁體中文 English


                Not only Fitness, but also Wellness.


                Shanghai SMARTSUN Fitness Services company it is an integrated service provider that focuses on corporate fitness and health management. Our company has a professional enterprise fitness center operation and wellness & health consulting service management team, we also have senior experts from various related fields, to meet customer needs, provide corporate wellness and quality fitness health services.

                上海永乐国际网址服务有限公司是一家专注于企业健●身和健康管理的服务供应商。公司拥有资深企〓业健身中心运营和运动ξ 健康咨询的服务管理团队,有来自各相关领域的资深专家,针对客户需求,提供企业配套产品及优质的健身健康服务。

                Smartsun is committed to creating a positive and vibrant corporate culture, and hope through the daily operational details immersed the company’s culture into the hearts of each employee. The culture is embodied in the "humanistic concept" as the leading value. People is the measure of all things. The success of an enterprise depends on People! We always believe that people are the most important resources and wealth of the company, so SmartSun value every employee; We respect each other, so we can care for each other; we learn from each other, so we can grow together; We celebrate each other's success, so that we can trust each other sincerely. We are United, people-oriented, dedicated, respectful of quality and standards, and willing to meet every challenge.

                思麦森致力》营造积极向上且充满活力的企业文化,并透过日常的营运细节浸沁到公司每位成员的心中ζ。这种文化体现在 “人本观念”为主导的价值观中。人是衡量万物的尺度,一个企业的成功与否关键取决于人。我们始终认为,人是企业最重要的资源和财富,因此思麦森珍视每一个员工;我们也彼此珍视:We respect each other,所以我们才能彼此关①怀;We learn from each other所以我们才能共同成长;We celebrate each other's success,所以我们才能彼此信任。我们精诚团结,以人为本,恪尽职守,秉持着对质量的敬畏和对标准的尊重,迎接着每一个挑战。

                 We advocate a healthy lifestyle and share the joy of wellness and health with our clients. We strive to become the best wellness and health integrated service provider by pursuing the services of professional, individual, and innovational. By creating a harmonious corporate wellness&health culture and providing comprehensive wellness service solutions, SmartSun believes that our mission is to create and add more value for our customers. At the same time, we aim to service the Greater China region and work hard to provide the most professional and high-quality fitness health service in Asia and the Pacific.

                我们倡导健康的生活理念,与客户分享运动和健康带来的喜悦。 通过对专业,个性, 创新服务理①念孜孜不怠地追求,力争成为最佳的运动及健康服务整合供应商。思麦森通过◣营造和谐企业健康文化并提供全面健康服务解决方案,以为客户创造更大价值为己任,立志于把公司建成立足于大中华区,面向亚太最专业和优质的健身健康服务而努力。

                项目营运部 :Wendy Shi


                E-mail :wendyshi@vetmedin.icu

                项目支持♂部:Zorland Zhu


                E-mail :zorlandzhu@vetmedin.icu


                E-mail :smartsunqc@vetmedin.icu

                SMART SUN(China) Health Management